Who We Are

The Team

DC_headshot-tn.jpgTrader Dave is a real person. Born and raised in Boston, he has traveled the world for business and pleasure. He’s a techie kind of guy. Computers, gadgets, wireless automation, and various other types of technology are his areas of expertise and interest. Add in his love of running, the beach, the ocean, traveling, photography, art and music, and you’ve got a man for all seasons.

Cabaret Karen, who happens to be Trader Dave’s wife, was born in a small city outside of metropolitan New York and moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. She’s definitely a combo of east coast sensibilities and a west coast lifestyle.

karen about_0.JPGWhy Cabaret Karen? Karen has been a performer since she was a child. Gifted at playing piano and singing, she starred in a number of musicals when she was younger and was a member of the national touring company of a Broadway show. Performing as a cabaret entertainer (we’ll tell you more about that elsewhere!) since the late 1990’s has made Karen one of the pre-eminent cabaret professionals in the United States.

Karen, too, is a world traveler. From her New York roots and love of Broadway to her vast Sinatra to Sondheim repertoire, Karen has delighted audiences worldwide. Whether it's playing the piano and singing a favorite show tune in Sweden, Saipan or Toronto, to name a few international locales, or on stage presenting her own Cabaret shows in Hollywood, Palm Springs or San Diego, Karen engages her audiences by establishing an immediate rapport, entertains them with songs and stories, and leaves them wanting more.

Sher-about_0.jpgIt’s always fun to take a friend along on your adventures. We’re bringing our friend Sher on this journey. Sher is a lover of Cabaret, theatre, singing, music, books, the beach, and traveling. She likes a glass of wine now and then although scotch, bourbon, and blended adult smoothies are particular favorites. (To misquote James Bond {or Ian Fleming}, “Scotch, blended, not single malt.”

We’re excited to share info relating to an active lifestyle. We’re not saying we’re just going to talk about running marathons, doing the Iron Man Triathlon or trekking in the wilderness. We’re going to talk about (and want you to join in the conversation) the fun, exciting, memorable, and memory-making activities that so many of us are enjoying right now.

In addition, we’ll feature places, events, entertainment info, and products that we find through our adventures as well as through input shared by you and other sources.

Wine is a particularly favorite subject around here. Let’s be clear, we’re not exactly connoisseurs in the sense that we’re experts. We definitely appreciate a good bottle of wine, or two, on a regular basis. (We’re a house divided, though – one likes red, one likes white … Go figure.) Wine with dinner happens often, especially when we entertain, which we love to do.

We enjoy visiting wineries and vineyards throughout California, where we live, as well as some in Cape Cod, Washington, New York and other states.

  • We like to be fair … And thorough … So expect to see more about this kind of info.
  • A real passion of ours is entertainment. Music, movies, books, and more. Stay tuned for that.
  • Recipes, cooking, and eating are also passions. We’ll show you ours. Will you show us yours?

Once again, welcome to Trader Dave’s. Enjoy your stay and visit often.

PS: We forgot to mention dogs – We love them. We have two Brittany Spaniels, Lexie and Tango. Trust us, you'll learn more about them and some of their favorite things.